"Going back to its origin, belonging to."


From it's humble beginnings in the early 1980's as a street taco cart in a Northern Mexican town, El Taquito "broke the mold" as the first to introduce "queso fresco and a slice of avocado" in its tacos in 1995 on Riverside Dr. in Austin, Texas. A Tradition originated in that Northern Mexico hometown of Matamoros in the early 80's and brought El Taquito to share in Austin, Tx.



With this tradition, EL Taquito, launched a series of innovations which were subsequently adopted by other local taquerias and restaurants. In this way making a significant contribution to the gastronomy in Austin and the surrounding areas.


Along with the "queso fresco and avocado slices" there were other innovations introduced such as the Bistec tacos, the mini taquitos with fresh pineapple, the salsa verde and rosa tauqueras in squeeze bottles, the molcajete sala bar, the gringas, queso fundido, the chile relleno tacos, tacos tikin Xic, the mango chamoy margarita and many more.



Innovative, Authentic but most importantly...Original